Life is funny. Sometimes it stares back at you with a thousand eyes as if you have just let out a fart. Sometimes, it kicks you in the rear to move ahead when the only thing you’d rather do is stand firm. You are made to make decisions when you’d rather have ice-lollies and you’re made to grow up when all you last remember fondly is being treated like  a child. The Dabba Brigade is about life. It’s about having embarrassing moments to laugh at and about having friends to laugh with but above all, it’s about surviving through it all with your head held high, even if that means going headless for a while.

So here’s a fair warning in advance. The blog is opinionated. It pokes fun at everyone, the world and the writer. But, one thing’s for sure: It’s scathingly original. And that’s not just me saying it. Well, for now it is.

Email: freelance.riffat@gmail.com

Twitter: RiffyR

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDabbaBrigade

URL: www.dabbabrigade.com

Riffat Rashid


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