Bareeze Man and The Wrong Sword

Bareeze Man woke up on the wrong side of the world.

Let me ask you something. How many times have you passed by a billboard and said to yourself “Wow, that’s exactly what happens in real life.” The answer for most is almost second to none. And then you pass by one of these while humming to a tune in your car and your mind is jolted out of sleepiness so that not only do you turn your head back to ogle at what our ingenious brands have cooked up to advertise this time but you are also left questioning your rational self.

Basically, you’re just asking. “Wait, what’s that?”

As rewarding as that kind of attention can be for most brands and most of the time, that kind of reaction is exactly what they are going for, what I fail to understand is so many things that I pretty much put this article in danger of sounding like one of those feminist rants. God forbid, right?

However, my two cents on this brand new piece of advertising go something like this: Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Right when gender stereotypes of men being this aggressive and an embodiment of hulk-like physical strength are being questioned and rightly so, advertisements like this continue to reinforce the status-quo in place since the Stone Ages.

While a number of people are calling this advertisement apt, claiming that it’s in line with that time of the year when goats are sacrificed, there are a handful of people who look at this and for unknown reasons think of it as representing the “real man”.

In times like today, when having an idea is like being armed with a sword, do we really need people to be found carrying the wrong sword?



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