Another Brick in the Wall


Walking by the street you have to stop for at least a dozen times before you can actually get to the end and that’s not because of a want for stamina but pretty much because of the vehicles that keep getting in the way. I can’t help but think of them as unwelcome intruders for what surrounds them, that is, the street does nothing to catch their fancy.

What has really caught my eye that could serve as a space within the public space to have interventions in, is this wall that stands like a blank canvas surrounded by overbearing buildings on its either side that to no one’s surprise dates back to the British era and stand as a reminder of the time and the fact that, that was probably the last time someone had anything constructed in Botal Gali.

When asked if the shopkeepers would like something artistic in the area, their reply was a blatant no. For maybe the bottles and their collection is art and beauty enough for the area, what’s missing is probably a lack of opportunity to use the space at leisure.

My next quest is to identify what needs to be done for the street to be used as a public space in a “better” way.

(Written as part of a course called Mediated Cities)


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