You Probably Can’t

It doesn’t take an IQ of a genius to know that killing a 14 year old is wrong. It doesn’t even take education or a belief in God. Humans don’t kill humans. Period.
Pakistan is not ruled by savages. Which is why 50 ulemas gave fatwas against the attempted killing. Which is why the locals of the concerned province want to distance themselves from the attack. Which is why the mainstream and the social media is abuzz with cries and pleas of all shapes and sizes. Which is why people are beginning to find an affinity for Malala.
Pakistan isn’t ruled by savages. It just doesn’t know what to do with the ones that it has. How do you reason with a person who doesn’t see the wrong in killing a 14 year old? You probably can’t.


One thought on “You Probably Can’t

  1. Timing of the attack was too perfect for me not to believe that the attack was not staged. You know, may be we should explore the idea of the terrorists operating in the northern areas of the country not being an independent body with an ideology. They aren’t. They are thugs. And thugs don’t give birth to ideas. They are mercenaries serving who ever has enough money and pretends to be the boss.

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