500 Days Of Summer

PTCL is getting really good at what it does these days. With an internet speed of three movie downloads an hour, I am really inclined to think that I have it all barring YouTube. “You can’t have it all” says a song in (500) Days of Summer, a movie I watched last night and well, I tend to agree.

In fact, I agree with the film on more than one account, not because it made me happy or left me with gut-wrenching tears – the latter is reserved for all the films that come out of the Transformers franchise but because it kind of left on the “everything’s possible” note, pretty much like how things actually happen in real life.

Accidents happen and sometimes, even good things do but what you make of it, the person you decide to become post-incident determines how you go ahead living. The two extremes: happiness and tragedy in films and in real life are quite over-rated.

Most of your time is spent doing mundane, ordinary things that might impact you in some way but go unnoticed for it doesn’t make you jump with joy or leave you crying on your pillow. What about things that makes you awkward, imaginative, embarrassed, bored, creative, angry?

So busy are we in determining where our lives lie on the happiness scale that we often forget there are a myriad of other emotions to experience and to write/photograph/make films about.

The film that says “I’m not going to make you happy in the end but you still might end up smiling” is then definitely my kind of film and that’s why I totally recommend (500) Days of Summer.


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