The Final Word

Writers are funny people. As much as they’d like to think that most of their writings, well the good ones anyway, are a result of their persistence and long hours of their sitting near a table lamp with a pen and a paper, quite a number of times it doesn’t take as much. Sure, research lies at the backbone of any good written piece but the actual process of penning thoughts to parchment doesn’t take as much effort as writers or the readers would have themselves believe.

When I am about to start with a blog, I usually find myself at a loss with respect to a choice of topic or a certain stance on something I should feel strongly about. It’s only when my hands are resting expectantly on the keyboard that words start to form – out of nowhere. If anyone were to ask me about what it is that I’m going to glorify, criticise or neutralize in the piece that I’m writing, I would probably be found giving a clueless shrug. All it takes is to sit determined in front of a laptop screen (it’s perfect if you have had a bad day) and just let the words type themselves out, as if by magic.

A part of me would like to think my hands have a mind of their own. A mind that almost never feels like collaborating with the grey mass inside my head. A blessing, some would call it for what goes on in my head is quite the pile of shit. However, if I have given the impression that the writing that appears out of nowhere is only a good thing, I would like everyone to stand corrected.

While the decisions that I take after much contemplation and thinking are subject to change (A number of times actually for I’m but a typical Gemini), the writing that starts off on its own poses quite a challenge. It’s like the other mind is always looking for an opportunity to provoke, incite or to at least land me in trouble with the readers, the more conservative ones anyway.

Something that I would like to call “uncool” gets written down as “disaster in the name of high fasion”. An unpleasant event that I would (using my head) describe as a momentary lapse in my good fortune appears as a collection of three alphabets – FML. And as much as I would like to rephrase and to rewrite so that it appears less provocative, I just can’t. Once written, it appears to be the missing jigsaw piece that the puzzle was looking for, as if no other word could take its place. And I give in to my writing with my fingers crossed and the computer mouse hovering over the “publish” button, unsure as to the consequences that not reasoning with the other mind might bring.

Lately, writers online have called towards themselves a lot of unwanted attention for their choice of words. As the usage of print media continues to decline (Believe it or not, three of the magazines where I worked have gone from print to publishing online), more and more people are relying and “devouring” information and opinion that is available on the web. And while the information that appeared on the print has always assured the reader of a strong “proofreading” and “editorial” process that it goes through, the writing that appears on the internet isn’t always as rigorously checked, if at all.

Is that a good thing? For a person like me, who values opinions as much as information, it is. I am a writer – an artist. For me, everything comes to down to colours, shades (not Fifty Shades), opinions, notions, ideas. And while, I would never prefer reading something grossly incorrect, the writing that gets to me is the one that I can relate to (and, which is grammatically correct).

The writing, that has a mind of its own.



2 thoughts on “The Final Word

  1. Editorial reviews – you’ll always get mixed feelings on it. However, lately, too much editorial work goes into taming the flare of the write-up itself rather than strictly concentratingn on grammar and what is appropriate and what may not be.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Yes, it’s complicated. Besides, there’s a very fine line between editing and rewriting. Most of the editing in local publications means rewriting. However, that maybe necessary to remedy the “quality of writing”, it does alter the original message.

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