In An Alternate Universe…

So this is probably the time of the year I’m faced with an impossible task of making life-changing decisions and that too, all at once. No, none of them have to do with relationships or the shenanigan of a life we see on TV these days but simply put, it just comes down to me wanting something so bad that thoughts about the consequences take a backseat. I love being a student. I love learning things. I love experimenting and exploring. And for me, there’s no greater tragedy than being asked or expected to give up all of that.

Who does that, you may ask? And the answer is, all of us. We all expect each other to grow up, leave their childhood, their adventurous streak behind as life goes on. But what good is that doing to any of us? What good is getting married the moment you graduate? What good is committing to a nine-to-five job that you know will take away your time for money? That will take away any opportunity you may have of finding yourself, of being you, of making mistakes and of having the luxury to be spontaneous.

To people, our lives may seem endless, stretching over decades of existence but, how much of that time is spent living? Are we really not just stuck in a rut going through an expected cycle of acquiring education, work, marriage and parenting? Were we really brought to this world to be like everybody else, to standardize ourselves according to a pre-set criteria? To single out anyone who wants to break free so that they give in too?

For everyone who throws in practicality as an argument, tell me what’s practical about selling your time/skills to buy an empty shell of a house to live in? Sure, go on and earn money but don’t fuel the practice of asking people to give away their lives only to financially support themselves. There are people who makes things work the way they want to, people who challenge themselves to think out-of-the-box … Give them the space to be and they just might save you from making onerous life decisions that are just there only because their existence was never questioned.


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