Destination Unknown

A number of times in your life you are inclined to stop and say “This is shit” and say it aloud. So that the most innermost of your demons can hear. And you know what? sometimes, this is shit. Being on a journey without knowing where you are headed or whether you are paddling, floating or just drifting is downright annoying. Why are you here? Who are you here for? Where is God?  The question marks are a fairly scary sight, particularly when you don’t have the answers, even partially right or even the mind to make an educated guess. I am here because I am here. It’s just the way it is. You can accept it or you can accept it.

Everything good you can ever imagine, you either hope for to be in the future or mourn for its loss because it has been in your past. This moment. Right now. Appears worthless until it becomes a part of your past and your mind weaves endless tales about it being some sort of heaven that you can’t have anymore. Little do you know, you have it. You have it everyday. The chance to be up everyday, against all odds because life is short is a fair amount of opportunity to do something of it. To make something of yourself. You surely do have what it takes. You have the time. Hopes and dreams sound pretty but are overrated. You want something? Go, get it. For since you’re here, might as well be happy.


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