I’m not laughing.

You flip open a newspaper and your eyes, after scanning the front page headlines, immediately dart towards the entertainment section. You switch on a channel and you don’t really need to scan anything because everything there, from the news to the talk shows are there for your “entertainment” anyway, as twisted as that may sound. The humour around us is slowly dying. We make jokes about politicians ripping us off and find them funny. When somebody goes out and decides to cook “a person” for dinner, we pass smirks around the corner. If a cricketer gets married to someone across the border, it suddenly becomes everybody’s business to comment. Drones, weapons of mass destruction, terrorists and suicide bombers often feature in the “sense of humour” that we have newly acquired for ourselves.

“Did somebody steal something in a Saudi Bank?”

“Yeah, it was a Pakistani.”

“Haha, Pakistanis make their mark everywhere!”. The rest of the sentence gets drowned in the face of laughter that soon erupts.

And again:

“Look at the motorcycle that almost got hit by the van! Ha ha, that would have taught him!”.

And again:

“Are you going to the hospital to get your self checked?”

“Yes, ha ha but let’s pray I wake up with both of my kidneys.”

What is happening? Is our demise as a nation really that funny? The fact that we have people around us who go about telling people to stay at home and not go to parks, is that funny? The fact that if we have to say something really outrageous, we say it on Twitter because the moral police-r haven’t reached there yet, is that hilarious? Isn’t this time that we ask ourselves what are we doing to make our part of the neighbourhood a better place, let alone the country instead of trying to find a LOL moment in every misfortune that strikes?


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