Us and Them

Sometimes, things just annoy you to no end for no apparent reason. Sometimes, it is the lights that is just blinding your vision, or the traffic outside that is either too loud or too slow. Sometimes what gets to you are thoughts about what people think of you and no matter how hard and earnestly you try to shove them useless insights away, they just won’t go. At the end of the day, despite your flaws and failings, your prejudices and biases, everybody does want to get accepted as they are… more for their minuses than their positives.

However, that’s not always easy. When was the last time you remember appreciating someone for doing something genuinely nice or interesting for you, for adding to the humour in your life or just for being there. Life sometimes is just too fast and amidst it, gets lost people who serve tea for you when you are bent over your laptop trying to reach that word limit, people who pick up your phone when you land yourself in trouble and there’s no help in sight, people who would listen to you rant about doing something right and the endless detail you would add to the hows and whys.

We talk about governments and organizations guaranteeing us human rights – giving people what they deserve and yet one of the most underrated and undervalued constituents of our day to day life are people. Are we, as individuals giving them what they deserve?

(Giving people shit because that’s what they deserve, – yeah that doesn’t count.)


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